A wooden slab of a longitudinal cut of a tree trunk with preservation of natural contours.
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What is the wooden slab?

The concept itself originally comes from the masters of stone processing. A slab is a part of a stone that has an interesting pattern. Wooden slab is characterized by unusual processing: the workpiece should have places with bark, cracks and small grooves. Asymmetry and unequal parts do not try to hide them, they stand out even more.

We discovered that a slab is a flat blank cut along the trunk of a tree, a kind of slab. But, how do carpenters distinguish a slab from an another material?
  • The workpiece should be in the form of a plate with a thickness of 30-200mm.
  • Only the thickest part of the tree trunk is suitable for cutting such a product.
  • The plate must be solid, not have joints.
  • The edging is done with emphasis on the original relief, or remain completely intact.
Together, all these features allow to create very special natural furniture materials, each sample is unique.
How to use wooden slab?
Products made of natural wood slabs are used in Loft-style interior decoration, but not only.
Furniture made of slabs of valuable wood species can also decorate an interior in the style of classicism-the main thing is to apply it in the right place and at the right time.
This technique can be used to make wonderful office tables, chess tables, a table for a bathroom or a sauna, cabinets, chairs and much more.
Brutal bar counters made of Oak or Elm slab look great. The use of natural wood is not limited by anything but your imagination.