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Our company is a supplier of unique materials, such as barn wood aged 60+ years old, bog oak up to 5000 years old and much more!
Barn wood
Barn wood
Wall Design
Wall Design
Thermal wood is a natural environmentally friendly building material of a new generation.

After thermating process, the wood becomes:
  • More durable
    The surface of the thermal wood is than natural raw materials without processing. The modified material withstands higher loads, does not deform over time, resists mechanical damage and is protected from minor scratches and scuffs.
  • Moisture-resistant
    Wood almost does not absorb moisture, so it does not swell and does not lose its shape even in conditions of high humidity.
  • Resistant to bacteria
    In the process, wood sugar evaporates from the material, which attracts microorganisms. Thanks to this, the wood is protected from harmful bacteria that cause rotting of its structure and can affect human health.
  • More charming
    Processing makes the wood structure more pronounced and gives the material an unsurpassed depth of color.
The advantages of our wood
All our materials are manufactured with great care
  • Authentic and exclusive
    Our mission is always to do the best possible work to obtain some of the most beautiful and authentic building materials in the world.
  • Green and positive energy from regions without industry
    Only virgin nature and wild animals. Our wood creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere, provides well-being.
  • Resistant
    The wood that has lived for decades of years in extreme temperatures, has become resistant to wear and to insects and fungi.
  • Thermal and acoustic
    Wood is 10 times more insulating than stone, effectively reducing noise
  • Multipurpose
    Our materials are perfectly suitable for the construction of large works, ceilings, walls, carpentry, cabinet and decoration
  • Precios atractivos
    We propose our wood directly from its sources without any intermediaries
  • Eco-responsible
    This concept contributes to the preservation of the environment because trees are not cut down.
A few words about us

The company "EUROECOLIFE", located in Estonia, imports old wood, regenerated from barns and other wooden structures 60-80-120 years old. Our company has the ability to supply materials such as floating trees, swamp oaks (up to 5 thousand years old) and products made from this material.

Naturally aged regenerated old wood is offered to individuals, designers, reenactors and construction specialists throughout Europe. We work without intermediaries, offering our products directly from our warehouses in Europe. The work of our company is a guarantee of a good price and stable shipment of various materials from different countries. The opportunity to buy material in your country or place an individual order in a short time.

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